Norma M 20 FC

paasraces zandvoort-19

Type :Sport Prototype Group CN FIA 2015 Carbon
Chassis :Carbon
Rearwing :Carbon

Engine :HONDA 2 litres atmosferic, 2000cc, 256 cv
Steering Wheel :XAP Digital steering wheel with pallets as used in GP2 ( Picture) 

Data acquisistion :DTA
Electronics :DTA
Gear :SADEV 6 speed sequantial new design with paddle shift 

Rear suspensions :Overlapping triangles, pushrod
Front suspensions :Overlapping triangles, pushrod
Absorbers :Oram
Brakes :AP Racing formule 3000 calipers
Fuel tank :80 L. With spare tank and spare pump
Rims : OZ-Racing
Width :1.870 mm
Length :4.700 mm
Weight:570 kg